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Amstel Chapter Eifel tour

On the 3rd of May we leave for the fairytale Eifel area. An exciting program has been put together full of curves, breathtaking landscapes and of course the conviviality of like-minded motorcyclists.

Here is the program in broad strokes:

Friday: We meet on Friday 3 May at 8:30 am at the McDonald’s in Woerden (Bothnische Golf 1) Around 9 o’clock we leave for our final destination, Landhaus Vichter in Stolberg. https://www.vichter-landhaus.de/ The ride is about 250 km long, shortcut. We will use a ferry twice to cross the Waal and the Meuse. It is estimated that we will arrive at the hotel around 16:30. There are two lockable garages at our disposal, where not all motorcycles will fit. The other motorcycles can be parked at the hotel. If you have specific wishes, please contact the organization.

Everyone pays for their own room and other costs on the spot. This does not mean that our reservation is without obligation. In case of cancellation, there will be a fee.

Saturday: After consuming the necessary aspirins, we start the day with a delicious breakfast at 8:30 am. Around 9:30 a.m. we saddle up the bikes and then we start with an enchanting motorcycle ride in the mountains. There are two exciting routes available: the 60 hairpins and a mountain training route, which partly overlap each other. Enjoy the natural beauty and excitement of the road and the surrounding area. In the evening a joint dinner to share experiences.

Sunday: After breakfast we leave for home via the back roads of Belgium. This motorcycle weekend is not only a chance to enjoy great rides, but also to make friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Update 31/1: Registration is no longer possible!

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