The H.O.G. Amstel Chapter is looking for members who want to strengthen the daily management and the rest of our team! Exciting but above all fun times are waiting for organizing all kinds of activities and seeing our chapter expand:

Vacancy: Treasurer – Amstel Chapter


As a treasurer you are responsible for managing the finances. You play a crucial role in monitoring our financial health, drawing up budgets, managing the yearly contribution invoices and reporting the financial status.


  • Managing the financial transactions and accounts of the Amstel Chapter.
  • Drawing up financial reports and budgets.
  • Ensure the timely payment of accounts and membership contributions.
  • Working together with the board to set and achieve financial objectives.
  • Advising on financial decisions and investments.


  • Enthusiastic attitude to work on growth and quality of chapter
    Experience in financial management or treasury management is a plus.
  • Knowledge of financial software and tools.
  • Reliability and accuracy in financial administration.
  • Willingness to participate in events and meetings outside of regular office hours.

Interested in a position? Let us know by emailing 

And there is more! Our chapter is growing, the number of Ride’s too! Because of this we are also looking for extra Road Captains.

What is the task here?

The Road Captain in plays a crucial role in guaranteeing smooth and safe journeys.

Route planning: The Road Captain is usually responsible for planning the route for group rides. This includes selecting roads that are safe, pleasant and suitable for the driving skills of all members.

Briefing before the ride: Prior to the ride, the Road Captain holds a briefing before the ride to inform members about the route, any dangers and general safety guidelines. This ensures that everyone is on the same line and understands the plan for the ride.

Leading position: During the ride, the Road Captain usually takes the leading position in the formation. This allows them to determine the pace, navigate the route and make decisions about when they should stop or adjust the group formation.

Communication: Road Captain maintains communication with other motorcyclists, by using hand signals or a communication system to convey information about road conditions, turns or unexpected situations.

Traffic: The Road Captain is responsible for managing the interaction of the group with traffic. This is to keep the group together, also in relation to the traffic rules.

Emergency Response: In the event of a breakdown, accident or other emergency situations, the road captain takes the lead on coordination. This includes arranging help, arranging traffic around the incident and guaranteeing the safety of the group.

Enforcement of the rules: The Road Captain helps to maintain the rules and guidelines of the club during rides. This can include, among other things, that members are driving in a disciplined and safe way.

Tail driver: Driving the group at the back to ensure that no members are left behind and to offer extra support in case of problems.

The Road Captain is a familiar member with a strong focus on safety and group cohesion during journeys. De HOG offers good training for this. Interested? We are happy to tell you more about it.

The H.O.G. Amstel Chapter is looking for members to join our team! Exciting, but above all, fun times await with organizing all kinds of activities. Interested in a position within the team? Let us know by emailing
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