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Welcome to the Amstel Chapter!

The Amstel Chapter is an enthusiastic community of motorcycle enthusiasts who share their passion for motorcycling.

Located in beautiful Amsterdam, we offer a unique experience to all motorcycle enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned rider or just started your motorcycle adventure. Our community is a place where motorcyclists of all levels and backgrounds meet, share stories and forge new friendships. Whether you are looking for driving partners, technical tips, or just want to enjoy a nice ride, you will feel at home at Amstel Chapter.

As a member of the Chapter you enjoy countless benefits. We regularly organize exciting group rides, where we explore the beautiful landscapes of the Netherlands and beyond. Our experienced roadcaptains ensure the perfect route and ensure that you can enjoy motorcycling without having to worry about logistics.

But the chapter is more than just motorcycling. We also organize inspiring events and meetings where you can meet like minded and enjoy the common passion for motorbikes. From technical workshops and driving skills training to social meetings and parties, there is always something to experience.

As an officially recognized HOG Chapter, we offer our members exclusive access to international events and activities. This makes you part of a global motorcyclist community and you can gain valuable experiences that take your motor adventure to new heights.

Whether you are looking for adventure, companionship, technical expertise or just want to enjoy the freedom of motorcycling, Amstel Chapter is the place for you. Join us today and discover the excitement and the friendships that wait for you at the Amstel Chapter!

Contact us for more information or sign up as a member. Check our contact.

We would like to welcome you in our chapter.

Drive safely and enjoy every kilometer!

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The Amstel Chapter Team


Peter Rietveld



Rense Gmelig

Assistant Director


Rob van Elburg


Membership officer


Gabor Remenyi

Activity officer


Oscar Roskam



Richard Dammen



Andre Scharff



Sander Waterman



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1046 AE Amsterdam

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