Get your motor running, Head out on the highway!

Literally today. Start location today was Hotel de Witte Bergen at Rijksweg 2 near Laren. Driving here on the A10 is not very varied, so the ride was soon dominated by the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. 

And what a ride! Roadcaptain Oscar had specially selected this for today’s tropical day. So as few traffic lights as possible, keep driving and especially wooded areas. The route was selected in detail and also pre-driven. Well done! A super successful ride.

Gathering was from 10:00 am. At 10.30 am Peter took the floor to welcome everyone and to explain the ride. Again some new members. The HOG is a global community. Amsterdam is a world famous city. At the Amstel Chapter we see more and more international members. That is why this blog is written in English. Expats and other English speakers can always contact us if, for example, they want to join us for a ride. Then on a Harley Davidson 😊.

The route took us along Baarn, Eembrugge, Amersfoort, Scherpenzeel, Amerongen over the Amerongse berg (69.2 meters high), Leersum, Doorn, Driebergen, Zeist, Den Dolder & Soestdijk. We had a good lunch in Amerongen. After this we drove to Baarn and ended with a drink at Eethuys-Café De Generaal in Baarn. A very successful, warm day with a great route in beautiful surroundings.

p/a Jarmuiden 43
1046 AE Amsterdam

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